What Crypto Trading Platform is Free?

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms have a variety of features, and they are not free. Some have small charges, while others may not have any at all. Uphold, for example, offers an extremely low spread fee ranging from 0.8 to 1.2% for BTC and ETH. Uphold also provides an easy way to trade multiple cryptocurrencies without having to convert them to cash.


If you’re looking for a free platform to trade cryptocurrency, TradeSanta is a good choice. Its user interface is easy to navigate and it offers plenty of options for beginner traders. Users can choose from free or paid plans, and choose the crypto bot strategy they want to use to trade. They can even customize the bot’s settings, such as what the take-profit level should be, how many volume units to trade, and how often to use a signal.

TradeSanta is inexpensive when compared to other crypto trading robots, and it offers multiple subscription plans. There’s a free plan, but you can’t get dedicated customer support through it. The Basic plan, for example, has 49 bots, unlimited crypto pairs, all supported strategies, and Telegram notifications. That’s an excellent price, and it can help you get started with cryptocurrency trading for free.

There are also paid plans with more benefits. TradeSanta’s Maximum plan includes no commission trading on HitBTC. It also allows you to design unlimited bots and use all the trading tools, technical indicators, and strategies on their platform. The Basic plan also comes with a five-day free trial. To sign up, all you have to do is enter a valid email address, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions on the email to activate your account.


Binance is one of the leading crypto trading platforms, supporting over 500 cryptocurrencies and 180 countries. While there are several drawbacks, this free platform is extremely user-friendly and provides a variety of advanced trading features with low fees. Despite its free service, this platform is a bit of a learning curve for new users. If you’re considering joining Binance, be sure to read this Binance review to learn more about the exchange’s pros and cons.

Binance also offers a free staking service, which allows you to earn interest on your coins. This is similar to a savings account, though it’s a lot more convenient. This service also offers a variety of features, including price alerts so you can stay up to date on the latest prices and trends. Binance also offers a mobile-first interface that lets you switch between Lite and Pro interfaces.

While most large exchanges charge around 3% or more for transactions, Binance is much cheaper, at just 0.2%. Furthermore, Binance token holders receive a 25 percent discount on transaction fees. This discount was announced during Binance’s launch in 2017 and will end on July 13th, 2022. Additionally, the Binance crypto trading platform is free to use and offers multiple deposit methods. Withdrawals, however, are subject to fees, which correlate to the fees charged by the blockchain.


Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been around for a few years. It’s a no-frills platform that offers a variety of cryptocurrencies for instant purchase. While there are a number of features that you’ll find lacking on most other exchanges, Bittrex is safe and a good option for new users.

One of the most attractive features of Bittrex is its user-friendly interface. It has over 250 markets that offer a range of options for beginners to more experienced traders. The platform is free to join and is available in most U.S. states, although it has not yet gotten approval in New York. This is because the Department of Financial Services has deemed the site to be unsuitable for money laundering. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and most coins experience wild value swings.

Another benefit of Bittrex is its low fees. Users will only pay a 0.35% commission fee when they place a trade. The platform also has a referral program that pays a user 0.35% for every trade they make. The downside is that customer service is mediocre. While there’s no phone number or email address on their website, users can contact Bittrex via the Zendesk ticket system or via live chat. However, this feature is only available to logged-in users.

PrimeXBT Covesting

The Covesting platform allows users to copy the best traders and allocate varying amounts of their balance to various strategies. By following multiple traders, users can earn fees from each one’s gains. The more followers you have, the more you’ll earn! The Covesting platform is free and is also a great way to learn about cryptocurrency trading.

The PrimeXBT Covesting is an innovative crypto trading platform that gives you the opportunity to copy the winning trade strategies of others. The platform offers a wide range of markets and has an extensive FAQ section. The FAQ answers over 50 questions in five categories, including general information, trading conditions, leveraged trading, security, and deposits and withdrawals. There’s a lot of information to absorb, so the questions and answers section has a table of contents that makes it easy to navigate.

PrimeXBT Covesting is a great opportunity for traders of any skill level to make a passive income. It combines margin trading and passive investing in one platform. For experienced traders, the covesting platform allows them to create Strategies, which other traders can copy. The owners of these Strategies get a cut of the profits when other traders use the Strategy they created. If you don’t have the time to learn about crypto trading, you can copy what you see others doing and earn a passive income.


If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, eToro’s free trading platform may be the perfect place to start. This platform allows you to trade in 24 cryptocurrencies and 2,020 stocks and ETFs. You can also open a demo account and practice trading before you join the live market. You can start with $100,000 of virtual currency, and practice making trades without spending any money. However, the platform doesn’t offer advanced features such as complex order types.

eToro’s user-friendly platform has a lot to offer, including experienced traders who are willing to share their knowledge and advice. The community is also a great resource for anyone new to cryptocurrency trading. In addition to the forum, eToro offers help through frequently asked questions. Just remember that verification can take a few days.

eToro’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for even the most inexperienced traders to start making trades. It also offers copy trading, which lets novices follow the trades of more experienced traders. The only drawback is that you can’t withdraw cryptocurrency directly from the eToro platform. You can only deposit coins that are supported by the exchange. Also, if you withdraw crypto from eToro, you can’t transfer the funds back. Additionally, eToro’s non-trading fees are very high, and it can be hard to get hold of customer support.


Bybit is a free crypto trading platform that offers a variety of options to its users. It allows users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies through a credit card or a mobile phone. In addition, Bybit has tools that help users keep track of historical transactions. These tools include order history by trade type, closed P&L, insurance, cloud mining, and ByFi account histories. It also allows users to narrow their searches by trade pairing, direction, and time period.

Bybit has a testnet trading environment that allows users to practice using the platform. This is especially useful for those new to trading in derivatives and cryptocurrency exchanges. Since cryptocurrency exchanges and derivatives are governed by U.S. laws, it is vital to verify your citizenship prior to using Bybit.

To make use of Bybit, users may purchase crypto using credit cards or debit cards. Crypto will then be deposited to the wallet address you provide. Users can view detailed order history, positions across different products, and individual wallet balances for spot and derivatives accounts. Additionally, users are provided with a P&L and total equity.


The Phemex crypto trading platform is free to use, but there are some requirements that you must fulfill before you can use it. For example, you must provide a valid email address. This is because Phemex sends security updates to registered users and sends alerts if your account is breached. Additionally, you need to copy the OTP code received through email to access your account. Then, you can log in to your account and start trading.

Phemex uses 2FA authentication, OTP, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. Make sure you’re using the official website, not one operated by a fake hacker. To log in, go to the Phemex home page and click ‘login’.

Another great feature of Phemex is its chat function, which allows you to contact the customer support team. If you have an issue, you can tell the agents what the issue is and they’ll be happy to help. Moreover, Phemex has numerous security measures that protect the system, wallets, and user accounts.