Will XRP Trade on Coinbase Again?

It is unclear when XRP will trade on Coinbase again. The price of XRP was hovering around $0.01 until the start of 2017. Now that it has been delisted by Coinbase, what happens now? This article will discuss XRP’s future on Coinbase and Binance.

XRP’s delisting by Coinbase

Following Ripple’s recent filing for an IPO, XRP’s delisting by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has triggered a huge price drop. Coinbase’s action is likely related to the SEC’s investigation of the company and its backers, who are accused of illegally issuing securities and personally profiting from the endeavor. Meanwhile, Bitstamp and OKCoin have suspended XRP trading and deposits.

Coinbase delisting XRP has caused a huge stir online and in the media, despite the fact that the company is not a registered exchange. The SEC can force companies to do certain things, but it is unlikely that they will force Coinbase to delist XRP. The SEC could simply say that XRP is a security and therefore Coinbase should not delist it.

In the meantime, Ripple is facing a lawsuit filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for failing to register the XRP token. Ripple’s delisting by Coinbase could lead to the delisting of XRP by other popular crypto exchanges. And that’s not all. The SEC is investigating several other projects, including Ripple, and a former employee of the company has been arrested on suspicion of insider trading. Coinbase is also facing a lawsuit from a former employee. The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple and its executives is just the beginning. Coinbase, which is regulated by the SEC, has strongly criticized the agency’s actions, calling the SEC’s actions “repressive” and “coercive.”

Ripple has a good legal team behind it. While the SEC’s delisting of XRP has caused ripple effects in the cryptocurrency industry, the legal team behind the project has remained strong and unwavering. With so much riding on a decision by the SEC, Ripple has a lot to lose. A potential delisting could destroy the value of XRP.

After news of the SEC lawsuit hit the market, XRP’s price plunged sharply. It first slid from $0.64 to $0.30. In the meantime, the news of Coinbase’s delisting caused further drops. By the morning of Jan. 19, XRP was down to $0.24 per coin. In the days that followed, XRP’s price dropped below $0.22. Ripple is fighting the delisting and is hoping that the SEC will reverse the decision.

XRP’s future on Binance

The XRP price has topped the $1 mark, and its price is on the verge of surpassing the all-time high of $3.84 USD. A finance professor at the University of Sussex, Carol Alexander, predicted that the XRP token would reach that high in the near future. This means that it could surpass SWIFT, one of the most popular payment services. As a result, XRP is a viable candidate for mass adoption, with its low costs and fast transactions. And the XRP token also has the potential for institutional backing.

There are a few factors that should influence the price of XRP. A positive outlook from Wallet Investor suggests that the price will reach $2.17 in December. Although there will be some volatility during the year, XRP will still be in an uptrend. This will benefit investors, as a solid uptrend is always a positive sign. Another positive factor is the fact that the XRP price could be used by residents of developing nations who don’t have bank accounts. If this happens, XRP could become a viable alternative to bitcoin.

XRP’s price has risen by over 6% in the last 24 hours, a rebound after its all-time low of $0.437 on Oct. 3. In the past three months, it has increased by almost 20%. In September, it hit a record high of $0.437 and soared 20% after the SEC ordered the release of documents of former director William Hinman.

In August, XRP’s price fluctuated sharply. The SEC lawsuit against Ripple threatened the XRP future. However, it is possible to anticipate future price movements with technical analysis. The price of XRP is expected to rise to a maximum price of $0.56 in 2022, with room for a dip to $0.54.

XRP’s price prediction for the next few years is still undetermined, but there are several indicators that it will increase in value in the next few years. For example, Changelly expects the XRP price to reach $1.65 minimum and $2.97 peak by 2025. Other analysts, including CryptoNewsZ and Trading Education, predict XRP to reach $8.76 by 2025, which is over 1,937% higher than its current price.

XRP’s future on Coinbase

Ripple (XRP) is in a legal fight with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and Coinbase has weighed in with an amicus brief. The amicus brief is a legal document that details information about the case from the perspective of a third party who is not directly involved in the case. Coinbase, Ripple, and the Crypto Council for Innovation are now involved in the case.

XRP’s value has fluctuated in recent months, so it is difficult to make predictions about the future price. The average XRP price may be above $1 by November, but then the coin will begin a downward trend. The maximum price could be $1.2725 in April 2022, and then it will begin a gradual decline. The minimum price, on the other hand, will not fall below $0.8373.

XRP was briefly listed on Coinbase in September, but it was soon removed. Coinbase has yet to announce whether it will list XRP again. Although many people believe it will be listed again in the near future, there is no official confirmation from the exchange. Therefore, investors should keep their fingers crossed that Coinbase will soon resume listing XRP on their platform.

Ripple’s price has been fluctuating in the past few years. It started off low in December 2017, but then surged over 1200% in a few weeks. However, it was never able to break the $1 mark. The price continued to trudge along until November 2020. During the second half of 2020, it gained momentum. In November, the price jumped 184%, and by April, 2022, it had reached $0.7763.

Ripple’s financial services are promising. It is an innovative payment system with cross-platform and cross-blockchain capabilities. Its PayID feature enables users to make currency transfers from one platform to another securely and easily. Its One Pay FX feature is an instant, low-cost international payment system, with full transparency about fees and exchange rates. It has already been piloted by MoneyGram for trans-border payments.

Ripple’s price has been in a bearish trend for almost four months, but after that, it began to pick up momentum. The MACD line is moving toward the signal line, and the William alligator trend lines indicate that Ripple will continue to rise. However, the 14-day reactive strength index indicates that XRP is in overbought territory, which means that there’s room for further downward price movement.